Antioch Baptist Church



Purpose: To ensure good sound and visual effects during services and meetings. Audio technicians must be fully trained and knowledgeable about the sound system, sound board and microphones. Ministry members must be willing and able to be independently in charge of operating the sound system at services and engagements as they are scheduled. Ministry Leader - Deacon Robert Frazier

Christian Education
Purpose: To provide a time of study for all ages where they can become knowledgeable of the Bible and how to apply it to their day-to-day lives.    Ministry Leader - Deacon Brian Jones

Deacon Ministry
Purpose: To assist the Pastor in advancing the spiritual welfare of the church, assist the Pastor in administering discipline when necessary; minister to the sick, shut-in and distressed; assist the Pastor and prepare baptismal candidates for Baptism. Prepare the table for the Lord’s Supper as well as assist the Pastor in serving communion; oversee the Benevolence Fund. The Deacons also mentor and disciple the young boys and girls of the church. Ministry Leaders – Deacon Brian Jones & Deacon Shawanna Clark

Purpose: To direct the flow of people from the parking lot to the worship center in a kind, loving, courteous way. Members of this ministry specifically meet and welcome everyone as they enter the church in a friendly and loving manner. They are to convey the spirit of Antioch and the love of God to all people they serve. Maintain an atmosphere of worship by keeping the peace among the people. Ministry Leader – Deacon Deborah Snell

Healing Ministry
Purpose: To provide a support group for individuals, members and non-members, who are attempting to overcome dependence on drugs, alcohol, substance abuse, and excessive behaviors. This ministry leads people from any addictive behaviors to a better way of living through a personal relationship with God. Ministry Leader – Sis Rosetta Adkins-Wilkins

Purpose: To provide hospitality for members and their families. To provide food, meals, or other hospitable services for bereaved families. Ministry Leader – Deaconess Sandra Clark

Intercessory Prayer Ministry
Purpose: To come together to stand in the gap for the needs of the people. Members of this ministry pray for individuals, as well as the Pastor and his family, the Antioch ministry, our government, and the entire body of Christ. They intercede for the tearing down of strongholds, removing burdens and destroying yokes, setting captives free from bondage, and most importantly bringing souls to God, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Media Ministry
Purpose: Provide visitors and members, including those sick and shut-in with material to help aid in their spiritual growth. The Media Ministry duplicates and makes copies available of all the sermons and messages, for a small donation. They also have books and other printed materials available, for a small cost. Ministry Leader – Sis Muriel Slaughter

Member Care
Purpose: To ensure follow-up with calls and/or visitations for those members who are new, sick, or absent.

Men’s Ministry
Purpose: To unite the men of the Church spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Members of this ministry counsel, mentor, and support the men and young men of the church in their growth toward Christian maturity. Ministry Leader – Pastor Jordan

Music Ministry
Purpose: To minister and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through music. To exalt the Lord before all people so they may seek to know Him personally.  To create an atmosphere of praise in the worship service before the preached Word of God comes forth.
  • Breakthrough Choir - Choir from ages 13 and older. Directress - Min Connie Ramsey, Ministry Leader - Min Pat Miles
  • Instruments of Praise (IOP) – Choir for youth, ages 4-18.
  • Male Chorus
  • Praise Team
  • Musicians

Sisters United
Purpose: Helps the women identify their spiritual gifts and God-given talents. It helps lead her to the ministry where she can be of the greatest service to God and this church.  Ministry Leaders – Lady Sharon Jordan (Sister to Sister Advisor) & Sis Janet Chenault (Sister’s Serving Advisor)

Three Score Plus
Purpose: To engage a group of Senior Adults and retirees of any age, to come together weekly to study God’s Word and fellowship. Members of this ministry plan outside activities that enhance their physical and spiritual well-being.   Ministry Leader – Elder Bev Williams

Purpose: To provide safe, clean, and courteous transportation to and from our Ministry services for those who would otherwise be unable to attend due to lack of transportation.   Ministry Leader – Bro Richard Newell

Trustee Ministry
Purpose: To oversee the finances and all of the church owned properties. They are responsible for keeping accurate financial records for all monies. Chief Financial Officer – Sis Betty Mabry

Purpose: To direct the flow of people to and from services, meetings, etc. in a kind, loving, courteous manner. Maintain an atmosphere of worship and assure that perfect order is kept in and around the church during service. Ministry Leader – Sis Patricia Jones

Wellness (Nurses)
Purpose: To show the image of God through serving His people by caring for the sick and injured. To aid the Pastor whenever necessary. Ministry Leader - Sis Patti Barrino
  • Nurses are certified in CPR, First Aid, & Blood Pressure Monitoring

Youth Development Ministry
Purpose: To unite the youth of the church spiritually, emotionally, and physically.   Ministry Leader - Min Patricia Miles
  • Expression & Mime Dancers – Praise dance ministry for youth, ages 5-11.
  • Judah Praise Dancers - Praise dance ministry for young ladies, ages 11-18.
  • Young Davids In Christ (YDIC) - Praise dance ministry for young men, ages 11-18.  
  • Instruments of Praise (IOP) – Choir for youth, ages 4-18.
  • Children’s Ministry – Bible study and group recreational activities for children, nursery through age 10
  • Youth Leaders – Adults trained to specifically supervise youth programming