Piaget watch time should be how to adjust

Piaget watches has been set up more than 100 years of history, through its own brand development, as one of the top ten brands watches. By a lot of watch collectors sought after. But many people with Piaget watches do not know how to adjust the time and date when the watch is adjusted for maintenance. Today, when Jingda Hengda Earl Service Center on how to adjust the timing of Piaget watches for everyone to popularize the timing and date count watch adjustment. Piaget watch time should be how to adjust How to count the time to adjust the replica watches uk, the following we will count the three-pin automatic mechanical watch adjustment method to introduce: the Earl watch to pull out the second gear watch, the position is for the Piaget watch time to adjust, At this point need to clockwise rotation watch the watch, you can count on the timing of the watch to adjust. Note: In the count of the time to adjust the watch, it should be avoided at 11:00 to 5:00 Ling Cheng this time period. Because this time is the date of the watch gear and travel gears when the beginning of staggered operation, this time to do so if the adjustment will cause the watch's gear serious damage or dislocation of the situation. The clockwise rotation of the crown in the home position is the winding. General Piaget watches in place to buy or place a long time to wear again when the need for manual manual winding operation on the watch to prevent the lack of activity caused by the watch stop and go situation. How to adjust the five-pin mechanical rolex replica for the count: As with the above. In the watch watch to pull out the second gear when the time is adjusted for the watch, the clockwise position is the original manual winding function for the watch. In the count on the watch to adjust the week, you need to press the count on the top right of the watch button, you can switch the week. As for the Piaget watch the bottom right of the button is for the watch to adjust the month. The adjustment is the same as for the week. By pressing the button you can adjust it. Watch the date of the adjustment, the rolex replica to pull out a file can be adjusted. For some of the size of the month you need to manually adjust the date (except perpetual calendar watches). For the count of the date and other functions of the watch, the same to avoid the daily 11:00 and 5:00 on the watch to adjust the various functions. Piaget watch time should be how to adjust Piaget watch to create sophisticated and complex mechanical watches, complex functions, such as ringing timer, Sun Moon Star profit and loss, chronograph, time display, temperature measuring device and compass, different styles of watch adjustment method slightly Different, it is best to refer to the corresponding section of the instructions, so as not to damage your beloved watch.