Watch collectors' voices

Eyes quietly moved to watch investment market. Watch collection is becoming a hot spot in the current investment market. Watch a lot of unique charismatic characteristics, the most critical or its long-term and swatch appreciation potential. Of course, not all replica watches are worth collecting, of which there are many unique skills we need to grasp. According to watch collector Chen Kai-xun, from the long-term historical trend, the price of the world's top watch the basic annual increase of 10% will remain. In recent years, the price trend of the watch is very sharp, in 1998 a "18K gold calendar three asked bag watch" turnover of 19.6 million Hong Kong dollars; after a lapse of one year, an 8-year manufacturing completed Patek Philippe replica watches uk to 11 million US dollar transactions ... ... Hong Kong Sotheby's Spring 2012 precious spring auction, the total turnover of almost 100 million Hong Kong dollars, a record Sotheby's precious watches world auction has always been the second highest total turnover. . Sotheby's Spring 2013 watches and clocks auction turnover totaled to 256.7 million Hong Kong dollars a record of any auction center in the world's highest quarterly total turnover of the record. 6 of which were sold at over HK $ 1 million and HK $ 7.8 million. Xuanjia Xin, vice president of Shanghai Collection Association, said that in the current high level of inflation, rolex replica the appreciation rate has accelerated the trend It is noteworthy that, with the heat continues to heat up watches, watches and clocks at the auction more and more mainland buyers began to appear frequently. Sotheby's Hong Kong, for example, a quarter of buyers are new customers, almost all come from Asia, of which China's mainland buyers grew significantly, "from the successful bid to the successful bidder in mainland China more than 30 %, An increase of 5% to 10%. "Sotheby's auction house watches and clocks, such as disclosure of Chen Kailei.