Piaget PIAGET watch how to identify the authenticity

Recently, Sotheby's held in Geneva, Switzerland, the auction, a Patek Philippe watch pocketed 23.2 million Swiss francs of the high price of about 147 million yuan, creating a watch in the history of the highest auction price, breaking the 15 years ago It set its own $ 11 million watch auction world record. Collection of Swiss watches After the tide of the world economy, the price defensive, and the ordinary watch market ups and downs in sharp contrast. With the gradual convergence with the international collection of standards, the domestic collection of replica watches uk is good to say goodbye to the era of local tyrants. Swiss watch is no longer "Chinese Year" 2011 is the replica watches "price year", but also the Swiss watch "Chinese Year." After 10 years of rapid growth, Asia has become the largest consumer market in 2011, the Swiss watch, the Chinese bought half of the Swiss watch. Richemont, SWATCH and LVMH, the three Swiss watch groups have entered the Chinese market. Some world watches such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Pigeut, Blancpain, Piaget and Chapard have entered the Chinese mainland. The Chinese market demand has become even the mainstay of the Swiss watch industry vane: material from the platinum into pink gold; female models become increasingly compact, more dazzling surface, the watch back of the relief logo and LOGO larger; more naming and " 8 "association; more limited edition, and even diving watches chronograph bezel is also studded with diamonds, but also made the back through the style, because" the Chinese people like. " Swiss watch manufacturers have many contrary to conventional design, they know: compared to such as chronograph, moon phase, calendar and other "flashy" complex features, ultra-thin, precious metals, diamond to make Chinese buyers feel " value". In recent years, the mainland market, rolex replica market year after year. Swiss watch exports to China fell by 12.5% ​​in 2013, as the largest Swiss watch market, Hong Kong sales also fell 5.6%. There are watches, antique clocks need to hand can contact me Senior works of art clocks and watches Broker: Wu Director 18800336643 Value from the traditional hand Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, IWC, Piaget, and Cartier are among the most popular brands in the marketplace. ), Jaeger LeCoultre, Rolex and Girard-Perregaux. And the general consumer market is different from the auction market shows the Swiss watch collection of the basic criteria: In addition to the brand and the complex technical functions, more important is the family watchmaking heritage handmade skills. In recent years, antique watch on the auction market accounted for 70%, modern watch accounted for 30%; from the functional point of view, 80% of complex function watch, simple mechanical watches accounted for 20%; from the brand point of view, Patek Philippe accounted for 50%, other top brands 30%; rare representative of the paragraph 10%, jewelry brands accounted for 10%. Experts believe that although many types of watches, but with the value of more than two kinds of investment value collection, one is timeless antique watches, the production of rare, after years of grinding washing, but also accurate travel time; a modern watch In the limited edition commemorative watch, features complex, avant-garde design of the mechanical watch, is the current luxury market upstart. Limited Edition of Patek Philippe (PP) has become the leader of the Swiss collection watch, its long-lasting value from the traditional manual process. The $ 147 million pocket watch was commissioned by New York banker Henry Graves in 1925 and made by Patek Philippe in 1932 and delivered in 1933 with more than 900 components, 24 functions, To 2100. This watch design took three years, making another 5 years. In Switzerland, the vast majority of large-scale watch business has long been "evolution" for the mass production of modern factories, and was founded in 1839, Patek Philippe, as the last independent watchmaker in Geneva, from design, production until assembly, still retain its full Of innovation freedom, has more than 80 technology patents, "watch the blue blood nobility". Patek Philippe has maintained a traditional hand-workshop-style tabulation method, which adhere to the traditional craft integrated designer, watch division, goldsmith, watch chain Carpenter, sculptor, porcelain painter and the traditional craftsmanship, the Swiss watch industry As "Geneva seven traditional tabulation process." Tourbillon, perpetual calendar, three questions and other sophisticated mechanical functions, are through the hands of skilled craftsmen to achieve. Training a Patek Philippe watchmaker takes 10 years, due to manual time-consuming and laborious, Patek Philippe annual production, but 25,000 to 30,000, 160 years Patek Philippe produced a total of 600,000 watchs, less than one other watch factory Fashion watch of the annual output. Patek Philippe, a watch from design to factory at least five years: four years of research and design, nine months of production, three months of assembly and quality control. However, Patek Philippe in the Mainland of the first name is not as Rolex, Radar and other Swiss watch loud, which entered China earlier, their output is far more than Patek Philippe, Rolex annual production of 750,000 watches, radar production 400,000 a year watch, China is their largest market. Another example is Blancpain, it is the world's first watch brand, never produce quartz watches, the annual output is extremely limited, each watch from start to finish are made by the same master watchmakers, meticulous meticulous, hands-on , The work is completed, they will personally record in the watch book, and watch number. This tradition since 1735, the same strain so far. In Montblanc's Minerva factory, all movements are assembled twice, for the first time for functional testing to confirm that they are working properly, and then to open, re-polish, decorate all Components, the final assembly is complete. The whole process, each movement by the same clock division is responsible for assembly. Finishing is not limited to the external surface, with the naked eye can not see the inner coverage, are strictly in accordance with the requirements of polishing, grinding and decoration. There are watches, antique clocks need to hand can contact me Senior works of art clocks and watches Broker: Wu Director 18800336643 To ensure the appreciation of the four principles Experts suggest that the collection of watches, should pay attention to four principles. First, the surgery industry specializing in different brands of mechanical watches have different functional advantages. For example, Tourbillon, a lot of brand watches have to produce the strength of tourbillon watches, but the most worthy of the brand or the first Tourbillon Breguet. Diving function is the most important Rolex. 20 years of the 20th century, Rolex has developed a waterproof watch. In 1953, Rolex launched a diving watch designed specifically for divers. Second, technology and materials. Watch making the required metal materials, movement mostly brass, the case part of the yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum K gold 4, the best price and preservation of the first platinum, then yellow K gold, rose gold, and finally white K gold. Third, the selection of the movement. Quartz watch although convenient and practical, but there is no collection of value, only the powerful mechanical watches have room for appreciation. In addition to the most basic timing function, but also shows the moon and stars, moon phase, calendar, not only tachometer, swing meter, sounder, but also have three questions, Tourbillon function. Mechanical watches best reflect the value of the place, it is only through a small mechanical movement will be able to achieve these complex functions. Fourth, limited and creative. Generally have a collection of watches are limited value or commemorative models, rare. There are watches, antique clocks need to hand can contact me Senior works of art clocks and watches Broker: Wu Director 18800336643 Watch and other collections, not only has some practical value, but also the integration of enamel, sculpture, jewelry mosaic and other different categories of arts and crafts, its rich elements and subtle content has always been sought after by collectors. In recent years, watches and clocks to its unique charm has gradually become the darling of the auction market, but also gradually by the concerns of mainland collectors. Hong Kong watches shoot hot Sotheby's and Christie's, the world's leading watchmakers for auctions, have surpassed the world record in recent auctions in Hong Kong. Watches in the Asian auction market share continues to increase, China's new rich to participate in active. According to statistics, Sotheby's 2013 annual Asian watch auction cumulative turnover of 459 million Hong Kong dollars, not only refresh the highest annual auction of Asian watches and clocks, compared to 2012, HK $ 221 million total turnover increased by more than double. Rare and uncommon, never seen in the auction market and excellent products of the clock, attracting buyers from Asia and around the world eager to bid. April 2013, Hong Kong Sotheby's organized the "precious watches: special presents overflow color stream - ─ ─ important private time collection" special achievement, launched a total of 437 watches auction, the total turnover of $ 221 million, turnover rate of 85.35 / RTI & gt; Among them, Patek Philippe "Magpie Treasure Bird's Nest" clock to 1,804 million turnover, refresh the modern clock auction record. In addition, Patek Philippe "Kim Bei and pearl" clock and Patek Philippe "golden bird cage" clock were 11.44 million Hong Kong dollars and 10.36 million Hong Kong dollars turnover, three works are over 10 million. In October 2013, Sotheby's Hong Kong continued to launch "Precious Watches and Overflows - Important Private Timepieces Collection II" in the autumn auction with a total turnover of HK $ 17.6 billion and a turnover rate of 90.98%. In April 2014, Hong Kong Sotheby's watch auction continued last year's rapid momentum, held in the "precious watches" special launch in 475 auctions, turnover rate of 86.74%, a total of nearly 1.3 billion Hong Kong dollars, Hong Kong Christie's watch auction in recent years, the transaction is also hot. In the spring of 2013, Hong Kong Christie's "fine watch" auction a total of 153 million Hong Kong dollars, turnover rate was 91.85%. The highest price of the top three were all Patek Philippe swept. Autumn auction in 2013, Hong Kong Christie's watches were auctioned a total turnover of 172 million Hong Kong dollars, turnover rate of 91.2%. Among them, 13 Rolex Day-Date series of watches have high turnover, turnover rate of 100%. The spring of 2014, the Hong Kong Christie's continue to launch the "fine watches" special, the total turnover of 173 million Hong Kong dollars, a new high. One Swiss-made, gold and enamel pearl, gun-shaped perfume sprayer in time for the Chinese market, about 1805 system of watches to 580 million Hong Kong dollars traded the first prize in this special session. Christie's international watch and watch the co-director, said the Asian collectors in this auction will occupy a dominant position. There are watches, antique clocks need to hand can contact me Senior works of art clocks and watches Broker: Wu Director 18800336643 Watch auctions in China are on the rise Watch collection and auction in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia has a long history in mainland China in recent years, the rise, but the rapid development momentum. At the same time, with the major watch brands on the Chinese market, increasing emphasis on the promotion of watches sales in major cities began to occupy a place, thus also cultivated a number of watch lovers, and even collectors. A prosperous market has also led to the secondary market demand, more and more domestic auction company to look at the world watch auction market cultivation and development. Mainland China, watches and clocks, auction mainly concentrated in China Guardian, Beijing Poly, Beijing Hanhai, Beijing Rongbao and other auction houses. Since the autumn of 2010, China Guardian, Beijing Poly have set up watches auction special, began to the Mainland watch auction peak. China Guardian 2010 autumn auction for the first time launched the "watch auction" special, 110 collectible watch collective appearance. 80.91% of the transaction rate gains 18.721 million yuan. The most expensive of a Patek Philippe Ref.5013R price of 4.48 million yuan. In the spring of 2011, China Guardian once again held a special watch, launched a total of 213 watches, the final turnover of 31.4494 million yuan, up 68% over last year's special watch. The transaction price of 8.28 million yuan of Patek Philippe 5002P Xingyue Tourbillon astronomical watch once again refresh the auction record. Beijing Poly autumn auction will be the first time in 2010 to increase the watch special auction - "Heavenly Creations real art contained - luxury watches, antique clocks and watches," 241 auction of the total turnover of up to 4283.776 million. A Patek Philippe Ref.5074R to 448 million to become the highest price. Particularly worth mentioning is that at least more than 50% of the buyers are from the mainland of China, and more for new buyers. After the Beijing Poly every year to carry out the "luxury watches and antique Western watches" special. The spring of 2014, Poly, "Zhen Yi Liu Sheng - luxury watches and antique Western clock" special total turnover of 29,641,830 yuan. At present, China's watch auction sector mainly in China Guardian, Beijing Poly and other auction houses, in the quarterly auction activities, have launched high-end watches, pocket watches, clocks, turnover was swatch. Among them, the most popular Patek Philippe watches and clocks, watches and clocks, almost the first auction deal with the first Quebec.