Piaget watches how to maintain maintenance

For the Piaget watch, the maintenance will directly affect the length of the watch to use. But most do not know how to wear replica watches uk Earl watches maintenance. Piaget watch maintenance and repair technician pointed out: rolex replica maintenance, whether mechanical or quartz movement, should be done not directly to the table with the super-powerful magnetic field (large speakers, large motors, refrigerators , Computer, with a magnetic buckle phone base) contact, or can cause the watch to be magnetized when not allowed to go. According to Piaget series of different models, different water depth. We recommend that you check the watch's water-tight seal every time you replace the battery. In case of strong collision can cause loss of waterproof watch function, and over time, can also cause wrist watch waterproof function degradation, so if you really want to rolex replica watches carry watches for underwater activities, we recommend that you watch every 12 months Waterproof sealing layer to conduct a check to ensure that its waterproof performance. Piaget watch care should also be careful to lock the crown to prevent water into the watch parts, but also to avoid the impact or high temperature baking. Piaget quartz watch standard 12,18 months of sustainable use of the battery, please do not run out of batteries to stay in the watch, or damage due to leakage movement. To prevent battery leakage, do not expose it to contact with hands or any metal objects.